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Aims and Objectives

The aims and objectives of idara batool are to publish, print, edit, promote, maintain and support islamic educational and literary journals for women and children with the purpose of dissemination of knowledge on islam, and reformation of the muslim society in the light of teaching of Quran and Sunnah.


Idara batool was inaugurated in November 1957, and its first magazine “Batool” was also published in the very same year. Since then this happens to be the first women magazine that is publishing continuously without any intermission, which is a record of its kind in women’s magazine history in Pakistan. All the editors and writers work voluntary for idara batool in order to spread goodwill among the society and its people through its publishing.

Founders and Editors

  • Founders and Editors of Idara Batool were Mohtarma Hameeda Begum Sahiba and Mohtarma Rakhshanda Kaukab Sahiba.
  • After them the editorship was transferred to Mohtarma Safia Sultana, Mohtarma Bintul Islam, Mohtarma Salma Yasmeen Najmi,  and Mohtarma Saeeda Ahsan Sahiba.
  • The affairs of Idara Batool have governed by the board of governors, which consists of nine members. Each member strictly follows the rules and regulations of Idara Batool. Their meetings held after every three months under the board. Idara publishes two magazines every month, one for women named Chaman-e-Batool and the other one for children named Bakka-e-Noor. Thousands of copies are published every month and being read world wide in countries like USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Europe, Middle East, Bangladesh, Iran and India etc.

Current Editors